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Dragon City Complete Dragon Breeding Guide

By Gamelytic
Dragon breeding is a unique part of the game play in Dragon City. However, it is hard to figure out how to breed what without the formula. In this guide, we will provide some formulas and tutorials on how to breed the dragons that you love and use in Dragon City. Please share this guide with your Dragon City and facebook friends if you have found it helpful. Lastly please check out the rest of our Dragon City guides.
Basic Dragon Breeding Information
The basic of Dragon City breeding is taught during tutorial. You will first have to level up your dragon via feeding to at least level 4. Build a building ground such as Breeding Mountain or Breeding Tree, then you can select which of the dragon that you would like to breed. It will take some time for the dragons to create the eggs and even more time for the eggs to hatch. The types of offspring is dependent on the parents. In addition, there is some sort of luck involved in breeding that you may not get the dragon you are looking for 100% of the time.
When you first start the game, we recommend you to start from generation 1 and breed a couple high generation dragons. However, slow down on the Pure Dragon breeding (We label it generation 4 and 4.5) because the long breeding time can hinder your game play.
Basic Breeding Dragons
To start breeding the dragons, you must first have these basic building blocks. You must purchase these dragons from eggs because you do not have the parents to generate and mate for these basic dragons.
Plant Dragon
Fire Dragon
Earth Dragon
Water Dragon
Electric Dragon
Ice Dragon
Metal Dragon
Dark Dragon
Below is a complete list of “Rank 1″ dragons that you can build by using single step from the basic dragons in Dragon City. The dragons may be repeated in each of the subsection simply for your own convenience. The order at which you input the dragons for breeding does not affect the egg outcome. It is all pretty much based on luck and luck only.
EARTH DRAGON GENERATION------------------------------------------------
Earth + Fire = Flaming Rock or Volcano.
Earth + Plant = Tropical or Cactus.
Earth + Water = Mud or Waterfall.
Earth + Electric = Star or Chameleon.
Earth + Ice = Alpine or Snow Flake.
Earth + Metal = Armadillo.
Earth + Dark = Hedgehog or Venom.
FIRE DRAGON GENERATION-------------------------------------------------
Fire + Earth = Flaming Rock or Volcano.
Fire + Water = Cloud or Blizzard.
Fire + Plant = Firebird or Spicy.
Fire + Electric = Laser or Hot Metal.
Fire + Metal = Medieval or Steampunk.
Fire + Dark = Vampire or Dark Fire.
WATER DRAGON GENERATION 1-------------------------------------------------
Water + Earth = Mud.
Water + Fire = Cloud or Blizzard.
Water + Plant = Nenufar or Coral.
Water + Electric = Lantern Fish or Storm.
Water + Ice = Icecube or Ice Cream.
Water + Metal = Mercury or Seashell.
PLANT DRAGON GENERATION 1-------------------------------------------------
Plant + Earth = Tropical.
Plant + Fire = Firebird or Spicy.
Plant + Water = Nenufar or Coral.
Plant + Ice = Dandelion or Mojito.
Plant + Metal = Jade or Dragonfly.
Plant + Dark = Carnivore Plant or Rattle Snake.
ELECTRIC DRAGON GENERATION 1-------------------------------------------------
Electric + Earth = Star or Chameleon.
Electric + Fire = Laser or Hot Metal.
Electric + Water = Lantern Fish or Storm.
Electric + Metal = Golden Or Battery.
Electric + Dark = Neon.
Electric + Ice = Moose.
ICE DRAGON GENERATION 1-------------------------------------------------
Ice + Earth = Alpine or Snow Flake.
Ice + Water = Icecube or Ice Cream.
Ice + Plant = Dandelion or Mojito.
Ice + Medal = Platinum.
Ice + Electric = Moose.
METAL DRAGON GENERATION 1-------------------------------------------------
Metal + Fire = Medieval or Steampunk.
Metal + Water = Mercury or Seashell.
Metal + Ice = Platinum.
Metal + Plant = Jade or Dragonfly.
Metal + Electric = Golden or Battery.
Metal + Dark = Zombie.
DARK DRAGON GENERATION 1-------------------------------------------------
Dark + Earth = Hedgehog or Venom.
Dark + Fire = Vampire or Dark Fire.
Dark + Plant = Carnivore Plant Or Rattle Snake.
Dark + Electric = Neon.
Dark + Ice = Penguin.
Dark + Metal = Zombie.
Dark + Mud = Poo.
Generation 2 Dragon Breeding – Hybrid Rare
Below list we will include generation 2 dragon breds that are possible from generation 1. Please note that some of these chances are not 100%, and there may be other ways that you can successfully breed the Dragon City dragon that you are looking for. We have used () to note the basic building block for the specific Generation 1 dragons for your convenience.
Mud (Earth + Water) + Dark = Poo.
Medieval (Fire + Metal) + Alpine (Ice + Earth) = Cool Fire Or Soccer Or Pearl Or Armadillo Or Flaming Rock
Neon (Dark + Electric) + Nenufar (Water + Plant) = Pirate.
Zombie + Mud (Earth + Water) = Petroleum.
Laser (Fire + Electric) + Dandelion (Plant + Ice) = Gummy or Fluorescent or Laser.
Special Notes:
Cool Fire can also be obtained through Laser (Fire + Electric) and Dandelion (Plant + Ice), Firebird and Ice.
Armadillo can also obtained through: medieval + alpine, pearl + alpine, jade+star, Zombie + Mud, and Pearl + flaming rock dragon
Gummy can also be obtained through: Firebird + fluorecent, firebird + star, Jade + star, and neon + nenufar
Pirate can also be bred from: Rattlesnake + lanternfish and neon + cloud
It should be additionally noted that Medieval + Alpine dragon is one of the best dragon breeding formula in Dragon City because of its ability to bred different types of hybrid rares.
Generation 3 Dragon Breeding – Legendary
The dragon breeding list for the legendary rank is well, pretty rare. You really have to rely heavily on your luck to get a shot at landing these dragons. Because the type of elements associated with these rare breeds are quite complex, we do not have the exact formula for these Dragon City breeds yet.
Legendary Dragon – Cool Fire Dragon + Soccer Dragon
Crystal Dragon – Coolfire + Soccer
Mirror Dragon – Gummi Dragon + Cool Fire Dragon
Wind Dragon – Gummi Dragon + Cool Fire Dragon, Soccer + CoolFire
Generation 4 and 5 Pure Dragon Breeding – The Pure Dragons
The pure dragon in Dragon City is the latest update that uses all the legendary dragons that you have gotten. Some people also call the Pure dragon the “Unicorn” dragon, because it looks like a unicorn. However, the actual name on Dragon City is the Pure Dragon. This category of dragon has its own habitat of the Pure and Pure elements. Below is how you can obtain these pure dragons in Dragon City.
We have intentionally separated the ranking generation of Pure and Pure Element. You will need Pure Dragon before you can start breeding the Pure Elements, thus effectively make the Pure Elements one generation after the Dragon City Pure Dragon.
It should be noted again that the breeding chance of Pure Dragon is not 100%. Based on our brief tests, we estimate the chance of breeding the Pure Dragon to be roughly 30~50% or even lower. There is a chance to have a result of any possible dragon combination when you breed two legendary dragon together.
Generation 4 – The Pure Dragon
Pure Dragon – Any breeding combination from legendary status dragons – Legendary, Crystal, Mirror, Wind. For example, Legendary + Crystal, Crystal + Mirror, and …
Generation 5 – The Pure Element Dragons
After you have obtained the Pure dragons, you can use the Dragon City pure dragon to breed the Pure element dragons with their elemental counterparts. Below is a list of all these pure elemental dragons.
Pure Plant = Pure Dragon + Plant Dragon
Pure Fire = Pure Dragon + Fire Dragon
Pure Earth = Pure Dragon + Earth Dragon
Pure Water = Pure Dragon + Water Dragon
Pure Electric = Pure Dragon + Electric Dragon
Pure Ice = Pure Dragon + Ice Dragon
Pure Metal = Pure Dragon + Metal Dragon
Pure Dark = Pure Dragon + Dark Dragon
Special Advice on Pure Dragon Breeding and Hatching Time:
The pure dragons breeding combination takes a whopping 48 hours to complete. The hatching of any “pure” dragon City dragons also takes 48 hours. Together the pure dragon breeding and hatching time adds up to 96 hours which is 4 days. Before you start breeding these, make sure that you have enough dragons as backup because they will take up your breeding and hatching queue. Putting your available legendary dragons into breeding places will make them unable to battle for that initial 2 days.
Notes: Dragon City Opposing Element Breeding
In this list that we have provided, there are some breeds that include elements that are opposed to each other. This means that you cannot normally breed them directly. However, you can use hybrid dragons that contain the opposing elements to breed the hybrid dragons. Because hybrid is used in the breeding process, this means that you will not be able to get the dragon that you want 100% of the time, so just keep on trying until you breed the Dragon City dragons that you need!
Special Promotional Dragons
These dragons are listed because they cannot be made via breeding. However, we have included these to make our Dragon City breeding guide complete:
Paladin Dragon: Electric/Earth – Level 10 in Social Empires
Robot Dragon: Fire/Metal – Level 10 in Social Wars
Dragon Spell Dragons:
This is a special promotion that Dragon City is doing that encourages you to use gems to get unique dragons. Some of the offerings cannot be obtained via Breeding. In addition, players have reported different reward dragons. Therefore you may receive different offerings at different times compared to other players.
Dragons that are obtained via the Dragon City Dragon Spells:
Butterfly Dragon
Fossil Dragon: Ice / Dark Element (available 8/23/12)
Gamelytic Dragon City Breeding List Update Log
Because more dragons combinations are being constantly added to the total roster. We have created this section to keep track of our edits and breeding additions for our readers. Remember to share our list with your fellow Facebook and Dragon City friends!
6/28: Added Seashell Dragon and Moose Dragon breeding formula.
7/5: Added Venom Dragon and Dragonfly Dragon breeding combination.
7/14: Added Dark Fire (Dark Flame) Dragon and Steampunk Dragon breeding information.
8/1: Added Paladin Dragon and Robot Dragon Promotional Dragons
8/3: Butterfly Dragon becomes available via Dragon Spell. The Butterfly Dragon cannot be obtained via breeding at this stage.
8/12: Added Pure Dragon breeding guide section in Dragon City, as well as the Pure element dragons. Added Dragon Spell Game notes under Promotional Dragons.
8/23: Fossil Dragon becomes available via Dragon Spell. The Fossile Dragon cannot be produced via Dragon City breeding right now.


Tips Trick Strategi Main Dragon City di Facebook

Pengertian dan dasar dari Dragon City

Dragon City... adalah sebuah kota diatas langit yang mana dihuni oleh beberapa naga yang di pelihara oleh kita. Disini kita bisa mengoleksi beberapa macam naga yang menarik. Dari beberapa elemen dasar naga seperti earth, water, fire, plant, electric, ice, metal, dark.

Lalu kita bisa mengawinkan beberapa naga-naga tersebut sesuka kita, karena disini tidak ada gender diantara naga tersebut. Yang nanti akan menghasilkan spesies naga baru.

Selain menata kota naga yang indah diatas langit, hal yang paling seru disini adalah kita bisa combat/battle naga yang kita punya dengan naga-naga yg lain yang ada di arena nanti (jika sudah mencapai level tertentu). Selain itu kita juga bisa battle dengan dragon-dragon pemain luar negeri, dan jika kita berhasil memenangkan beberapa pertadingan kita akan mendapatkan hadiah.

Tips mendapatkan gold/uang yang banyak di dragon city :

1. dengan recruit anggota di recruitment tavern
-kamu beli dulu bangunan yang bernama Recruitment Travern.
Build - Bulindings - Recruitment Travern.

-lalu klik. pilih recruit dan cari daftar temanmu yang bermain dragon city.. pilih minimal 3 teman untuk mengisi daftar-daftarnya.
-lalu tunggu sampai temanmu itu accept permintaan job tersebut. Setelah sudah keiisi semua ketiga permintaan job pilih hadiah dragon yang bernama medieval dragon. Karena itu dragon yang paling mahal untuk dijual
-lalu cek di storage kamu, dan jual telur/eggs medieval dragon tersebut, dan kamu akan mendapatkan 200rb gold..!!
jika kamu ingin mendapatkan gold/uang tersebut dengan cepat siapkan saja 3 buah akun facebook baru lalu kamu mainkan dragon city di masing2 fb tersebut. Kemudian kamu tinggal accept sendiri permintaan2 job tersebut dan kamu akan mendapatkan uang dengan cepat!!

2. dengan mengumpulkan habitat naga yang banyak menghasilkan uang
seperti fire habitat, water habitat atau bisa juga ice habitat. Jika sudah mencapai level 18++ kamu bisa menciptakan legendary dragon untuk mendapatkan uang yang jauh lebih banyak. 1 legendary dragon didalam habitatnya bisa menghasilkan maksimal 750k atau 750000. Wow!!

Chart serangan dan pertahanan masig-masing elemen dragon

Untuk tips battle/combat dragon kamu bisa lihat chart dibawah ini untuk mengetahui efektifitas dragon kita dari masing2 elemen untuk bertarung.

0x = tidak ada efek
1x = serangan normal
2x = serangan dobel/kritikal

Combinasi dari elemen dragon berikut tidak bisa dikombinasikan :
Fire + Ice
Water + Dark
Plant + Electric
Electric + Ice
Ice + Dark
Dark + Water

Cara Mendapatkan Rare Dragon

Rare dragon adalah jebis dragon yang langka yg maan tidak mudah untuk didapatkan. Dragon ini diantarnya Gummy Dragon, Cool Fire Dragon, Soccer Dragon, Armadillo Dragon, Petroleum Dragon, Pirate Dragon, Poo Dragon. Untuk mendapatkan naga2 diatas kita bisa combine naga-naga berikut:

info : Rare dragon belum tentu bisa langsung didapat dengan 1x coba. Dan info ini didapat dari pengalaman saya sendiri. Jika kamu memahami game ini kamu sebenarnya juga bisa combine2 naga ini dengan kreativitasmu sendiri dan tidak harus persis seperti yg saya tulis dibawah

1. Gummy Dragon : (sorry yg ini ane lupa combine dragon apa. hehe)
Elemen : electric + plant

combination :
Firebird + Fluorescent
Firebird + Hot Metal
Firebird + Star
Laser + Dandelion

2. Cool Fire Dragon:
Elemen : Fire + Ice

combination :
Fluorescent + Firebird
Medieval + Dandelion
Medieval + Alpine

3. Armadillo Dragon
Elemen : Earth + Metal

combination :
Medieval + Flamming Rock (85% sukses)
Medieval + Alpine

Spesial Breed :
Medivel + Alpine = Armadillo, CoolFire, Soccer, Pearl, Flamming Rock

Dengan combine medieval + alpine kita bisa mendapatkan rare dragon dengan kemungkinan 60%.
Walaupun begitu tetap ada 40%nya tidak dapat rare dragon.
Pertama kali saya combine naga medieval+apline tersebut saya tidak mendapat rare dragon tapi cuma dapat flamming rock.. hehe kurang beruntung.

4. Soccer Dragon
elemen : ice + fire

combination :
moosey + laser
dandelion + laser
coolfire + laser

5. Petroleum Dragon
elemen : water + dark

combination :
venom + water
mud + dark

Rare Dragon yg lain silakan dicoba sendiri menurut kreativitas kamu :D

Untuk mendapatkan Legendary dragon (legend, mirror, crystal, atau wind dragon) kamu hanya perlu breed rare dragon seperti diatas.

Sedang untuk mendapat Pure Dragon kamu hanya perlu breed macam dari legendary dragon

Tips mendapatkan banyak GEMS
Menurut pengalaman saya pribadi, Inilah yang saya lakukan untuk mendapat banyak gems, yang saat ini gems saya bisa mencapai 80an. Kamu pun bisa mendapatkannya lebih dari itu. Tapi saya sekarang sudah tidak main lagi sih (bosen) hehe...

1. melalui combat arena - 2 gems_dari 1 pertandingan (dapat dimainkn kembali setelah 12 jam)
2. melalui combat world - 3 gems_dari 7 pertandingan (dapat dimainkan kembali setelah 6 jam)
diusahakan saat combat bisa menang, dan ciptakan naga terkuat kalian. Untuk strateginya bisa lihat chart serangan pertahanan elemen dragon yg ada diatas.
3. melalui daily rewards / bonus harian. Kalau tidak salah kita bisa mendapatkannya pada hari ke 5 kita main.
4. yang ke-4 ini tidak terlalu diprioritaskan, yaitu mendapatkan gems dari mengumpulkan jenis-jenis dragon yang ada di dragon book. Jumlah gems yg didapat berbeda-beda setiap halaman buku.
5. yang ke-5 juga tidak begitu diprioritaskan, yaitu mendapatkan gems saat kita naik level. Setiap naik level kita dapat 1 gems

SELESAI .. !! Jangan terlalu banyak main ya.. yang penting buat refreshing dan have fun saja tidak perlu dipaksakan


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